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lp:~rlaager/ecryptfs/fix-lp-1574174 bug(Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2016-04-25 17:58:45 UTC
881. Fix improper "already mounted" errors...

Author: Richard Laager
Revision Date: 2016-04-25 17:54:44 UTC

Fix improper "already mounted" errors with ZFS

The obvious approach for using ZFS and ecryptfs together involves
creating a dataset like this:
zfs create -o mountpoint=/home/.ecryptfs/USER rpool/home/USER

As a result, /proc/mounts looks like this:
rpool/home/USER /home/.ecryptfs/USER zfs rw,xattr 0 0

ecryptfs-setup-private checked for existing mount points using a grep
which was effectively left-anchored. Unfortunately, this can match the
device column. A space at the beginning of the pattern corrects this.

I applied the same fix to the CRYPTDIR for consistency and correctness,
though I do not believe it was a practical problem in the same way.

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