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d14cb61... by Martin


92b1563... by Martin

not needed because finalizeImport will be called always after prepareImport

f949cad... by Martin

fix plural form

b016514... by Martin

prevent detaching

a4d0171... by Martin

get rid of all those slow column and child functions

2448152... by Martin

set parameters, otherwise the comment will not be set correctly

33f35d8... by Martin

Cleanup setting and resetting setSuppressDataChangedSignal
Reason: So it is visible when it will be enabled and disabled, because previously it was distributed on multiple functions which makes it hard to track

5e5212b... by Martin

set locale, because otherwise the test wont work on systems with comma as decimal separator

0cd1241... by l10n daemon script <email address hidden>

GIT_SILENT Sync po/docbooks with svn

01ae5ce... by Stefan Gerlach <email address hidden>

cmake: message system QADS info