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ae1a355... by Martin

Update ReferenceRange.cpp and WorksheetElementTest.cpp

37013bf... by Martin


ecc7b3d... by Alexander Semke <email address hidden>

Removed a couple of obsolete assignements in ReferenceRangeDock.

83496f0... by Martin

AddImage WorksheetelementTests

a05f0c2... by Martin

Test TextLabel as Worksheetelement

2bee6bf... by Martin

update position before changing the coordinateBinding.
Problem: if a new TextLabel is created, the label is not able to calculate the logicalPos, because it does not have yet a parent. After a parent is added, but coordinateBinding will be enabled, the not calculated logicalPos is used which is wrong. This must not be done in the Undo command, because it can happen only the first time

262f869... by Martin

create Macro which executes all tests

78c9d11... by Martin


053ce70... by Martin

use more macros

5b40321... by Martin

Put more into macros