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1f6d066... by Martin

do not optimize if only a few points are visible

Reason: no performance issue and the plot looks better

937f176... by Alexander Semke <email address hidden>

Better positioning for the message widget in LabelWidget and in XYFitCurveDock.

401eca4... by Alexander Semke <email address hidden>

[worksheet] retransform all XYCurves only, not all worksheet elements,
to get better quality with the disabled line optimization during the export/print.

4ad63d0... by Martin Marmsoler <email address hidden>


23dfd20... by Martin Marmsoler <email address hidden>


7a79415... by Martin

multiply numberOfPixelX by factor 10

Reason: when zooming into the pixmap it should not be visible that optimization makes some artifacts

474fd15... by Martin

Add possibility to disable performance Optimization when exporting and printing

Description: Because when zooming into the image the artifacts are visible

a7f9a45... by Martin Marmsoler <email address hidden>

Double values must have on windows a dot

7e35534... by Martin

Add test

8491b75... by Martin

check Range for every curve

Description: If one curves starts at zero for a log10 scaling, the initial value cannot be reached, so a fixed value of 0.01 is used. If the second curve goes down to 0.00001 the startvalue for the autoscale is still 0.01 because the minimum after the loop and before checkRange is 0. After applying the recommandations of checkRange, the start value is hardcoded to 0.01.