Last commit made on 2022-01-24
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1893b0f... by Martin

add every Tab into own scrollArea

178c696... by Stefan Gerlach <email address hidden>

minor code style

d0c57b5... by Alexander Semke <email address hidden>

[notebook] delay the initialization of plugins to a point when they are really requests and show the documentation panel if it's requested in the notebook.

9ac93da... by Martin

make negative sign when cursor2 is smaller than cursor1 so it is as when the value is not a datetime

95cdda8... by Martin

implement visibilityChanged() in WorksheetElement, so only one signal for emiting that visibility changed. Not like in the case of the XYCurve visibilityChanged() and visibleChanged() existed. So the cursor dock was not updated, because the signal was not called

b25008d... by Stefan Gerlach <email address hidden>

Fix compiler warnings

73dca0c... by Stefan Gerlach <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/KDE/labplot

95c01a6... by Stefan Gerlach <email address hidden>

axis label: remove debugging and minor code improvements

6adc635... by Martin

disable textlabel if placeholder is enabled and normal text is visible, otherwise when changing it has no effect and the user may be wondered why it does not have an effect

cdaef2a... by Martin

ignore wheel on hovering combobox in the treeview otherwise the values are changed instead of scrolling in the tablewidget. When focusing a combobox by clicking it is possible to scroll through the values