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6d4abde... by Martin

add missing include

18ae05e... by Martin

the dock function is private and might make problems on compiling on windows, so use the axis function directly

8e0decb... by Martin

Update Axis.cpp, Axis.h, and 6 more files...

8ededff... by Alexander Semke <email address hidden>

Faster filtering in the project explorer in case the filter string is empty and all items in the tree model need to be made visible again.

0e1a998... by l10n daemon script <email address hidden>

GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)

a3e2be7... by Alexander Semke <email address hidden>

Minor improvements:
* when changing search options in the Project Explorer (enable fuzzy search, etc.), don't do any search when the current search string is empty - this can save performance with very many objects in the project
* don't show any frame for the range related ComboBoxes in plot's properties widget.

fd655bd... by Alexander Semke <email address hidden>

Renamed "Plot", "xy-Plot" and "Cartesian Plot" to "Plot Area", s.a. the discussion in #380.

fix #380

639d304... by Alexander Semke <email address hidden>

[spreadsheet] disable "add/subtract value"-actions in the context menu for text columns.

4f0895f... by Alexander Semke <email address hidden>

More stable sorting of frequency values against duplicates in the data set in the bar and Pareto plots and properly clear the vector of frequencies on data changes in the column.

fix #373

2357e54... by Stefan Gerlach <email address hidden>

code format