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a99de46... by Alexander Semke <email address hidden>

[spreadsheet] when parsing the pasted data into the spreadsheet, always assume it's in UTF8 format.

fix #675

1f3d28d... by Martin

add more tests, because the previous did not reproduce the problem

c737bb7... by Martin

add test

7828104... by Martin

m_last +1 and m_first do not neccessarly represent the rowcount, so use the spreadsheet to read out the rowCount

63a3fa2... by Martin Marmsoler <email address hidden>

disable widgetstest for now

a48891f... by Stefan Gerlach <email address hidden>

CI: update Windows image

3cdd8b0... by Martin Marmsoler <email address hidden>

Update default.md

e368ff8... by l10n daemon script <email address hidden>

GIT_SILENT Sync po/docbooks with svn

70586c4... by Martin Marmsoler <email address hidden>

Enable Widget test

It was disabled, because the windows CI complained about, but the code was not touched there

deb0cb0... by Martin

Disable widgets test for now