Last commit made on 2017-02-24
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f719aae... by Matthieu Gallien on 2017-02-24

starts to make listeners configurable by adding a menu entry for it

6578dd6... by Matthieu Gallien on 2017-02-23

fix menu behavior if some actions are not possible due to missing dependencies

1852f4a... by Matthieu Gallien on 2017-02-23

fix small visual annoyances

aa39b7a... by Matthieu Gallien on 2017-02-23

fix mpris2 interface when a .desktop file exists

5627185... by Matthieu Gallien on 2017-02-23

add some missing margins between elements of UI

8592a8a... by Matthieu Gallien on 2017-02-22

fix issues with headers reported by Krazy2

4a6df1b... by Matthieu Gallien on 2017-02-21

improve header bar by using album art as background and other small things

adjust size of header bar and increase size of album cover image

adjust size of album delegates to fit one more on my screen on one line

increase font size a little bit for the album name in header bar

use cover as a background wut with a blur effect

b666142... by Matthieu Gallien on 2017-02-21

for Baloo music listener only add new tracks not yet known in database

starts to convert all music listeners to the new way to deal with
persistent database

in Baloo listener, we still need to remove tracks no longer known

bc35af1... by Matthieu Gallien on 2017-02-21

store music origin in database and allow to retrieve tracks by origin

095f968... by Matthieu Gallien on 2017-02-17

add clean termination for the secondary threads of the application