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988. By Richard Harding on 2013-08-28


987. By Richard Harding on 2013-08-28

Adjust z-index to keep fullscreen above inspector

- The inspector is set to jump z-indexes up to 999 which causes it to overlay
the browser views all set to 1/2.
- I investigated the current 'stack' and most of the indexes are set to <20
and > 1000, so adjusted the inspectors to sit in the middle around 500, made
the browser views just over that at 600.
- Verified all notifications, overlays, etc are > 600 (they're at 1000 and

So general rule of thumb is basic things < 100, floating things at 500+,
overlay things > 1000.

Audit from grepping for z-indexes:

lib/views/browser/browser-icon.less: z-index: 10;
lib/views/browser/bws-searchbox.less: z-index: 15;
lib/views/browser/charm-full.less: z-index: 10;
lib/views/browser/charm-token.less: z-index: 10;
lib/views/browser/main.less: z-index: 1;
lib/views/browser/main.less: z-index: 2;
lib/views/browser/overlay-indicator.less: z-index: 999;
lib/views/cookies.less: z-index: 100;
lib/views/juju-inspector.less: z-index: 1;
lib/views/juju-inspector.less: z-index: 0;
lib/views/juju-inspector.less: z-index: 2;
lib/views/stylesheet.less: z-index: 10;
lib/views/stylesheet.less: z-index: 9999;
lib/views/stylesheet.less: z-index: 10;
lib/views/stylesheet.less: z-index: 100;
/** This is the inspector stuff here v **/
lib/views/stylesheet.less: z-index: 999;
lib/views/stylesheet.less: z-index: 0;
lib/views/stylesheet.less: z-index: 2;
lib/views/stylesheet.less: z-index: 2;
lib/views/stylesheet.less: z-index: 10000;
lib/views/stylesheet.less: z-index: 10001;

R=gary.poster, benjamin.saller

986. By Madison Scott-Clary on 2013-08-28

Sort deltas from juju core

Deltas need to be processed in a certain order (service - relation - unit - machine - annotation); sort them before processing a delta.

R=rharding, benjamin.saller

985. By Richard Harding on 2013-08-28

Fixes state issues with browser/service view

- Fixes #1217449 & #1217450
- viewmode controls widget now clear the events to the DOM it binds with a
custom destroy event helper.
- Since it's not cleaning them up, we can not clean them in tests manually.
- Update the app.js triggers on the viewmode control events to build the
entire url and send that along to the navigate call.
- Make sure we destroy controls when we're done with the app managing them
(while the gui service views are available)
- The initState needs to clear old views so that when we re-init no old views
are holding events that no longer apply. Share the code now since it's used in
multiple places.
- _getStateUrl was improperly updating the _oldState to aid testing. Remove
that and fix tests.
- In some cases when hidden, we might have no subapp._sidebar but the
_oldState says there's been no state change.
- Update tests around initState, viewmode controls widget, etc.

R=jeff.pihach, frankban

984. By Francesco Banconi on 2013-08-27

Switch the default environment to Go.

Fixed and cleaned up all the failing tests.


983. By Richard Harding on 2013-08-27

Update ghost inspector to generate charm icons

- The icon in the ghost inspector needs to come from the store
- This updates the viewlet to add the icon property and to use it in the
- Simple test to check that the store value comes through in the render.


With the service inspector flag enabled (:flags:/serviceInspector) deploy a
charm into the environment and the charm's icon should show in the top left of
the ghost inspector where before, there was the default icon only.

R=jeff.pihach, matthew.scott

982. By Richard Harding on 2013-08-27

Fixes #1217060 - fix viewmode controls in :gui:

- When you go to a :gui: charm details view the browser is hidden from view,
but holds control of the viewmode controls for build/browser.
- Because of this, the event for clicking on the controls is part of the
:charmbrowser: namespace and cannot clear the :gui: space. You can never

This branch then does a few things:
- Fixes an edge case where, when hidden, the clean old view helper,has no old
view to clean.
- Make sure that, even when hidden, we update the _oldState to be able to
track viewstate changes while hidden.
- Add a giant XXX'd hack to operate viewmode controls from the app so that
when the browser is hidden, the controls operate as expected doing evil things
to fire navigate events that clear all namespaces and force something for the
users to work with.

Tests are added for the things we want to keep, like updating view state in
the browser. However, the giant XXX hack is not tested and is marked with XXX
so that we can come back and clear this when the serviceInspector is the
default in the very near future.


- Deploy a charm
- Click on the charm and hit view to go into the details
- Note that the active viewmode control is selected (build)
- Click on browse and you end up in browse mode correcetly
- Click on build to get back to the canvas
- Click on the charm again and go to view to get back to details
- Note that the viewmode controls keeps in sync this whole time
- Click on browser again to verify it works successive times.

R=matthew.scott, jeff.pihach

981. By j.c.sackett on 2013-08-27

Removes the category links on editorial.

* Category links removed from editorial template
* Category Partial deleted
* Category link events and tests removed.

R=matthew.scott, rharding

980. By Jeff Pihach on 2013-08-26

Removes not supported IE10 warning

Tests have been updated and the selenium tests use the
results of the js isbrowserSupported method to know if
it should interact with the warning or not.

R=rharding, gary.poster

979. By Richard Harding on 2013-08-26

Fixes #1125352 adding constraints ui to deploy.

- Adds the template and UI to the ghost viewlet.
- Currently adds it to the top of the display until we get
accordion/collapsing UX into place
- Adds constraints into the call to deploy to send it to the back end.
- Removes the old Go formatting code as it's not required
- Renames the viewlet-manager template to service-config-wrapper to match
ghost-config-wrapper and to be more truthful to what it is.
- Small gardening.

R=matthew.scott, jeff.pihach

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