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Jacek Nykis (jacekn) wrote :

> Thanks for the initial review.

Thank you for your contribution!

> If I build a new relation for mysql->grafana directly then it adds a second
> path to add a new grafana datasource. It also breaks the usability. My code
> needs a database to store parsed data from apache logs. It needs to be the
> same exact database with the same user/credential as grafana needs to build a
> dashboard upon.

I see, if it needs to be the same DB then the way you want to do it is probably the only sensible one.

> I hope that clears up what I'm trying to do with this. Let me know if I'm
> unclear or I've taken a dark path of wrongness that I should stay away from.

Thanks, I think it's clear why direct grafana<->mysql relation will not work.

What I'd say though is that it's still worth moving some of the mysql source handling logic into the grafana-source interface. mysql is a valid grafana source and IMO it makes logical sense for the interface to handle it without need for grafana to mangle relation data.

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