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3daff87... by Robert Gildein

add jammy support

f1351c7... by Linda Guo

handle additional_sites invalid exception

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~lihuiguo/charm-homer-dashboard/+git/charm-homer-dashboard/+merge/424731
Reviewed-by: Jose Guedez <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Eric Chen <email address hidden>

02833cb... by Linda Guo

open dashboard link in new tab

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~lihuiguo/charm-homer-dashboard/+git/charm-homer-dashboard/+merge/424739
Reviewed-by: Eric Chen <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Paul Goins <email address hidden>

b3e06c3... by Linda Guo

Open dashboard link in new tab

f540b03... by Linda Guo

Handle additional_sites invalid exception

48bda75... by Linda Guo

allow multiple source models with same applications name , for example, multiple LMA models have graylog, nagios, etc. belongs to different group to be added to homer-dashboard

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~lihuiguo/charm-homer-dashboard/+git/charm-homer-dashboard/+merge/423521
Reviewed-by: Alvaro Uria <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: 🤖 prod-jenkaas-bootstack <email address hidden>

4541489... by Linda Guo

Allows multiple applications having same name

Allows applications from different sources to have same name
in different groups.

704d1a6... by Przemyslaw Lal

Fix installation and configuration issues

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~przemeklal/charm-homer-dashboard/+git/charm-homer-dashboard/+merge/420684
Reviewed-by: Xav Paice <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: 🤖 prod-jenkaas-bootstack <email address hidden>

df676d3... by Przemyslaw Lal

Fix installation and configuration issues

* Ensure that /var/www/html/assets exists
* Move homer.zip unpack to config_changed. This fixes an issue where
  homer dashboard wouldn't be installed after attaching the resource
  after deployment.
* Install applications icons to /usr/share/apache2/icons. This fixes the
  issue with icons not being displayed on focal.
* Add minor changes to README and metadata.

Signed-off-by: Przemyslaw Lal <email address hidden>

b65e6fb... by Drew Freiberger

Move _copy_files() to install routine to prevent config-changed errors before start hook.

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~bootstack-charmers/charm-homer-dashboard/+git/charm-homer-dashboard/+merge/414067
Reviewed-by: James Troup <email address hidden>