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Andrew Hunter (rexbron) wrote :

Two reasons that I went with the config file format that I did, the first was namespace conflicts. I wanted to be certain, as I do not fully understand how this config system works, that I would not be interfering or causing unintentional changes. Secondly, as you mention, it might be possible in the future that we wish to add other options to a profile but I do not have any explicit examples at this point.

Making profile names case insensitive depends on how the config system works when it parses the config file. I have done some work on managing config files from python (see ubuntustudio-controls). If it uses regex to find the section header, then it would be a simple matter of modifying the regex passed to be case-insensitive. If it parse config files in a different manner, then I would need to think further, but I do agree that section headers should be case-insensitive.

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