Last commit made on 2013-04-08
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100451e... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-04-08

fix a problem with smtp.lua

6cfdce2... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-04-05

new news

f4e8aef... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-04-05

released versions of metapost 1.801

4acfca3... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-04-05

fix printing of UTF8 to the terminal (bug 819)

4454fad... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-04-05

small changes from TL

003fa8b... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-03-25

rev 4608--4610 from trunk

71753dd... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-03-25

this branch is now 0.76.0

3579724... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-03-21

create a dedicated branch for (pretty stable) texlive 2013, so I can start modifying trunk for post-tl use

ec73776... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-03-21

synch with TL revision 29456

ce3f208... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-03-20

small portability fix for pixman