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209ca1e... by hhenkel <hhenkel@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-09-16

Merge trunk r4634 through r4642 into branches/ex-glyph

c68a39f... by hhenkel <hhenkel@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-04-21

merge trunk into ex-glyph branch

c00e787... by hhenkel <hhenkel@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-02-21

fix char_pw()

5ec977b... by hhenkel <hhenkel@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-02-21


6bbfdee... by hhenkel <hhenkel@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-02-20

The experimental patch: Instead of using expanded fonts, just calculate
the expanded width of glyphs where needed, and carry expand info in the
glyph nodes (all based on Hans' suggestions). All font expansion functions
are disabled and most are removed. The added mathematics makes luatex a
bit slower for now. With normal \pdffontexpand use it seems to produce
bit-identical results. This is buggy & far from complete yet. E. g.,
no idea what happens in DVI mode.

6c14c81... by hhenkel <hhenkel@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-02-20

Experimental branch: Expanded glyphs replace expanded fonts
(hope it works now)

15330da... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-02-17

final mplib 1.790 files

c25eed2... by taco <taco@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-02-15

new mpost files (1.790)

6429b69... by hhenkel <hhenkel@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-02-08

Revert "just node pointers as arguments"

This reverts commit 6930801608f49518248497dae8013f4a38248017.

e721430... by hhenkel <hhenkel@0b2b3880-5936-4365-a048-eb17d2e5a6bf> on 2013-02-08

Revert "modify pdf_place_glyph() arg"

This reverts commit 363d147814f6e6f1ce13412c3018a471aabaea53.