Code review comment for lp:~renatofilho/indicator-datetime/notify-missing-alarm

> More code-level comments inline. Most are minor/suggestions, two NF
> A few larger issues:
> 1. Again I'd /strongly/ prefer that ical events pass in their source desktop
> id as an x-prop. Not only would that eliminate the need for libubuntu-app-
> launch2-dev >= 0.9 but it would also let us have per-app sources, eg alarms
> wouldn't show up under the calendar icon. The approach in this patch works for
> calendars but assumes that the whole world is a calendar.
We can not guarantee that ical event will have their source id. I can change calendar app to add that, but old events will not have that. Events created by others apps (syncevolution, evolution, thuderbird, etc...) will not set that.
> 2. If we must use libubuntu-app-launch2-dev, can we confirm that it's going to
> make it into Xenial? It's awfully early to be breaking build compatibility
> with Xenial

I believe it is already in xenial, ppa builds it ok:

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