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This branch is an import of the HEAD branch of the Git repository at git://git.cinelerra.org/j6t/cinelerra.git.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2014-01-11.

Import started on 2014-01-15 on neumayer and finished on 2014-01-15 taking 1 minute — see the log
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Recent revisions

1061. By Einar Rünkaru on 2011-11-14

After release bump of the version number

1060. By Einar Rünkaru on 2011-11-13

Moved definition of copyright and version strings to one place

Version string is defined in configure.in
Copyright strings are defined in cinelerra/Makefile.am
Added copyright of CinelrraCV community

1059. By Einar Rünkaru on 2011-11-13

Fixed encoding in credits

Internally cinelerra does not use UTF-8, replaced some characters
in credits with iso8859-1 codes

1058. By Johannes Sixt <email address hidden> on 2011-10-04

List items that were not checked as "not probed" rather than "missing"

When --enable-opengl is used, then libGL is not checked for, and with
the recent commit, it was reported as "missing", even though the OpenGL
component was enabled.

1057. By Einar Rünkaru on 2011-10-03

Fixed autodetection of OpenGL in configure

$enableval has meaning only in 'action-if-given' part of AC_ARG_ENABLE,
outside it has a random value.
New behaviour:
  --enable-opengl - enables OpenGL unconditionally (no check of libs)
  --disable-opengl - disables Opengl
  omitted - autodetects Opengl

1056. By Einar Rünkaru on 2011-09-27

Using mpeg2enc from system instead of mpeg2enc.plugin

We do not install mpeg2enc plugin, so there is no point to
search it from plugins. Returning error if pipe fails,
or mpeg2enc is not available.
Making use of Pipe::search_executable in FileMPEG

1055. By Einar Rünkaru on 2011-09-26

New method Pipe::search_executable

Seaches executable through PATH
Problem is that popen does not return error, if executable
is not found in system, but quits. We need to be sure that
executable exists before popen is called.

1054. By Einar Rünkaru on 2011-09-26

Moved all format presets to defaultformat.h

All foramt presets are in defaultformat.h, it makes possible
simply to add or remove presets.
Color model is now part of presets.

1053. By Einar Rünkaru on 2011-09-25

Changed default video presets

If there is no saved configuration the default video preset
is set to PAL or NTSC depending on system timezone.
Timezone name is read from /etc/timezone, if it does
not exist timezone name is determined from symlink
/etc/localtime. If timezone determination fails,
program defaults to PAL.

1052. By Einar Rünkaru on 2011-09-23

Changed some defaults used on first start

To be more new user friendly changed some defaults
of cinelerra to more intuitive for a new user.
New defaults
    = YUVA-color
    = play-every-frame disabled,
    = ALSA-audio (if ALSA has configured)
    = v4l2 video input
    = timeruler of the timeline counting every 1.2 seconds
    = Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames as unit of time in the timeline,
    = duration fo still images = 3 sec
    = compositor zoom set to "auto"
    = 500 index files to keep.
    = folder list of asset window defaults to text
Replaced FOLDER_* with ASSET_* to avoid confusion, removed FOLDER_* constants

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