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14f87c3... by howie

Update changelog for 0.1.3 release

e56796d... by howie

use glib-compile-schemas to set desktop

eb76509... by howie

add dependency libglib-2.0-0

dd0eb0c... by howie

cleanup tests

995723f... by Neil Roza

Update changelog for 0.1.2 release

01c1497... by Neil Roza

Wow. You can install directly with a "debian/*.install" file. Who knew?

d99017e... by Neil Roza

edit debian/rtr-branding.install: try the long form

9c0c785... by Neil Roza

edit debian/rtr-branding.install: now use globs

b1be0a4... by Neil Roza

wrap-and-sort -abst

884da86... by Neil Roza

add debian/rtr-branding.install