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bddc32b... by Steve Langasek on 2019-05-30

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.578.5

e528a8e... by Steve Langasek on 2019-05-17

Strip translation files out of the minimal images.

This is another thing that goes unused when there is no human console user
(and we already don't have the locales themselves present on a minimal

Bug-Ubuntu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1829333

ba8797d... by Balint Reczey on 2019-05-24

Update changelog

4931523... by Balint Reczey on 2019-05-24

Merge lp:~rbalint/livecd-rootfs -b wsl-disco

50ca382... by Steve Langasek on 2019-05-23

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.578.4

367e9fb... by Robert C Jennings on 2019-05-07

magic-proxy: Send headers on error (LP: #1829944)

24e39d6... by Steve Langasek on 2019-05-21

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.578.3

2fecd44... by Robert C Jennings on 2019-05-02

ubuntu-cpc: Allow comments in series files and add comments

The addition of disk-image to series files in a prior commit required
some explanation. Without comment support in series files that was
not possible. This patch adds support for comments and adds those
comments as well.

00b995c... by Robert C Jennings on 2019-05-01

ubuntu-cpc: Ensure base disk image is the same between all build targets

The following targets have livecd.ubuntu-cpc.manifest (and
livecd.ubuntu-cpc.ext4) which differ in some way from the 'all'
target. They are all missing grub-efi and other modifications:


These targets do not depend on the 'disk-image' target. This means that
the ext4 produced will lack the uefi modifications (and any from the
disk-image target binary hooks).

Since the ext4 file is common to all builds there is a chance that a
parallel build from one of these targets could overwrite this artifact.
This patch ensures that all targets will produce consistent base output.

f493132... by Robert C Jennings on 2019-05-02

ubuntu-cpc: Fixup comment references to file names post-parallelization