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ceacaad... by Robert C Jennings

ubuntu-cpc: Update changelog with change bug number

ecba14d... by Robert C Jennings

magic-proxy: Send headers on error

3b1f2bb... by Robert C Jennings

ubuntu-cpc: Ensure base disk image is the same between all build targets

The following targets have livecd.ubuntu-cpc.manifest (and
livecd.ubuntu-cpc.ext4) which differ in some way from the 'all'
target. They are all missing grub-efi and other modifications:


These targets do not depend on the 'disk-image' target. This means that
the ext4 produced will lack the uefi modifications (and any from the
disk-image target binary hooks).

Since the ext4 file is common to all builds there is a chance that a
parallel build from one of these targets could overwrite this artifact.
This patch ensures that all targets will produce consistent base output.

1257763... by Robert C Jennings

ubuntu-cpc: Allow comments in series files

An upcoming addition of the disk-image target to several series files will
required some explanation. Without comment support in series files that
is not possible. This patch adds support for comments in series files.

c373d81... by Robert C Jennings

ubuntu-cpc: Fixup comment references to file names post-parallelization

c46aad3... by Ubuntu <email address hidden>

Drop snap-tool

The cohort API used in the snap-tool has been dropped and
a replacement is needed. Until then the code will be unused.

620e17d... by Robert C Jennings

ubuntu-cpc: parallel builds

* Replace "snap download" with tool that uses snap store's coherence feature

    This is important for parallel image builds to ensure all pre-seeded snaps
    have the same versions across image variants.

* Inject a proxy into the build providing a snapshot view of the package repo.

    When the REPO_SNAPSHOT_STAMP variable is set, the auto/build script will attempt
    to launch a transparent HTTP proxy on port 8080, and insert an iptables rule to
    redirect all outgoing HTTP requests to this proxy.

    The proxy, contained in the `magic-proxy` Python script, examines each request
    and silently overrides those pointing to InRelease files or files that are
    listed in InRelease files. It will instead provide the contents of the requested
    file as it was at REPO_SNAPSHOT_STAMP, by downloading the corresponding asset
    "by hash".

* Use series files with dependency handling to generate hook symlinks dynamically

    This patch currently only applies to the "ubuntu-cpc" project.

    More and more logic has been going into the hook scripts to decide
    under which conditions they should run or not. As we are moving
    to parallelized builds of image sets, this will get even more
    complicated. Base hooks will have to know which image sets they
    belong to and modification of the dependency chain between scripts
    will become more complicated and prone to errors, as the number of
    image sets grows.

    This patch introduces explicit ordering and dependency handling for
    scripts through the use of `series` files and an explicit syntax
    for dependency specification.

9579ee1... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.542.3

a7b8928... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Remove device nodes later for ubuntu-base:minimized (i.e. docker) builds. (LP: #1828118)

af525ff... by Julian Andres Klode

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.542.2