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This branch is an import of the HEAD branch of the Git repository at git://git.sv.gnu.org/gnulib.git.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2015-04-21.

Import started on 2015-04-25 on pear and finished on 2015-04-25 taking 30 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2015-04-23 on pear and finished on 2015-04-23 taking 25 seconds — see the log
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Import started on 2015-04-21 on pear and finished on 2015-04-21 taking 30 seconds — see the log

Recent revisions

17700. By Ludovic Courtès <email address hidden> on 2015-04-16

gendocs.sh: default to a common CSS style sheet for HTML output

* build-aux/gendocs.sh (htmlarg): Change default value.

17699. By Mats Erik Andersson <email address hidden> on 2015-04-15

gnulib-tool: output bold attribute more portably

* gnulib-tool (func_show_module_list): Change hexadecimal
numbers to octal in BOLD_ON and BOLD_OFF. The use of hex
encoded numbers as arguments to `printf' is not portable,
and is not claimed by POSIX. This is the case with FreeBSD.

17698. By Andreas Gruenbacher on 2015-04-15

qacl: Simplify HP-UX acl_nontrivial check

* lib/acl-internal.c: Remove struct stat parameter from HP-UX's version of
acl_nontrivial. Check if the acl has at most three entries instead (it must
have exactly three entries according to the HP-UX documentation). Ignore
uids and gids as long as an entry is either for a user (i.e., the owner),
a group (i.e., the owning group), or others.
* lib/acl-internal.h: Change HP-UX's acl_nontrivial prototype.
* lib/qcopy-acl.c (qcopy_acl): With that, we no longer need to stat the source

17697. By Andreas Gruenbacher on 2015-04-15

acl: On Linux, check for acls without libacl

On Linux, use the getxattr syscall instead of the acl_extended_file libacl
library function to check for the presence of acls, avoiding a library

* lib/file-has-acl.c: Include xattr headers if we have them.
(file_has_acl): On Linux, use getxattr().
* m4/acl.m4 (gl_FUNC_ACL): Define LIB_HAS_ACL as the libraries to link with for
file_has_acl(). Check for xattr headers and getxattr().
* modules/acl: Add a dep on the stdbool module which was already needed.
Add the new reduced dependency LIB_HAS_ACL reference.

17696. By Andreas Gruenbacher on 2015-04-15

acl, qacl: split off shared functions into separate object file

Some of the helper functions in file-has-acl.c are used from qcopy-acl.c while
file_has_acl() isn't needed there. Split the shared functions off into

* lib/file-has-acl.c: Remove helper functions here.
* lib/acl-internal.c: Add helper functions here.
* modules/qacl: Use acl-internal.c instead of file-has-acl.c here.
* modules/acl: Add file-has-acl.c now that qacl doesn't use it anymore.

17695. By Mats Erik Andersson <email address hidden> on 2015-04-14

git-version-gen: revert "detect untagged revisions"

Revert commit bedd7833 as it breaks `make dist` in Inetutils
at least, due to the interdependencies with top/GNUMakefile,
which depend on the tag prefixes. This results in `make dist`
inducing a new call to autoconf where a simple tar-ball build
would be expected.

17694. By Ángel González <email address hidden> on 2015-04-14

tempname: avoid unused parameter warnings

* lib/tempname.c (try_dir): Tag with __GL_UNUSED.
(try_nocreate): Likewise.

17693. By Mats Erik Andersson <email address hidden> on 2015-04-14

git-version-gen: detect untagged revisions

* build-aux/git-version-gen: If fallback string is empty,
but git is available, use "git describe --always" to extract
a revision, and prefix it with "g". This is much better than
responding "UNKNOWN" and it applies to shallow clones!

17692. By HIRAMATSU Yoshifumi <email address hidden> on 2015-04-14

fseeko: fix build failure on NetBSD >= 6

* lib/fseeko.c (feeko): NetBSD 6 changed the definition of _offset
from 'fpos_t struct' to __off_t, which is a typedef of __int64_t.

17691. By Paul Eggert on 2015-04-09

gitlog-to-changelog: port to MS-Windows

* build-aux/gitlog-to-changelog (git_dir_option):
Use strftime with "%Y-%m-%d", not "%F", to avoid a bug in
MS-Windows Perl. Reported by Eli Zaretskii in:

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