Created by DNS on 2011-10-26 and last modified on 2014-10-08
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Import Status: Failed

This branch is an import of the CVS module eggdrop1.8 from :pserver:anoncvs:anoncvs@cvs.eggheads.org:/usr/local/cvsroot.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2017-02-07.

Import started on 2017-02-15 on pear and finished on 2017-02-15 taking 30 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2017-02-11 on pear and finished on 2017-02-11 taking 10 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2017-02-09 on pear and finished on 2017-02-09 taking 15 seconds — see the log
Import started on 2017-02-08 on pear and finished on 2017-02-08 taking 15 seconds — see the log

Recent revisions

326. By thommey on 2014-10-08

Throw error when writing to read-only variables in server module.

325. By thommey on 2014-10-08

Add a config warning to tell users they are in the source directory.

324. By thommey on 2014-10-03

Fix description for share-unlinks in the config.

323. By thommey on 2014-10-02

Remove length limit of info line. Fix stripcodes modifying the Tcl object in-place. Only permanent owners can
delete owners.

322. By thommey on 2014-09-30

Add Tcl8.6 and /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu to Tcl search paths.

321. By thommey on 2014-09-09

 Changed IRCnet's max-bans/max-modes to 64.

320. By thommey on 2014-09-06

Fix error messages of (un)stick(exempt/invite).

319. By thommey on 2014-03-21

Fix a potentially endless loop when looking up bot hostnames.

318. By thommey on 2013-07-31

apply two patches of guppy that were missing

317. By thommey on 2013-07-31

better documentation of bind time/cron

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