Merge lp:~rbalint/britney/hints-ubuntu-bzr-to-git into lp:~ubuntu-release/britney/hints-ubuntu

Proposed by Balint Reczey
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 5046
Proposed branch: lp:~rbalint/britney/hints-ubuntu-bzr-to-git
Merge into: lp:~ubuntu-release/britney/hints-ubuntu
Diff against target: 22 lines (+1/-0) (has conflicts)
1 file modified
Contents conflict in apw
Contents conflict in sil2100
Contents conflict in ubuntu-release
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~rbalint/britney/hints-ubuntu-bzr-to-git
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Steve Langasek Needs Fixing
Review via email:

Description of the change

With Ubuntu 20.04 dropping Bazaar git-remote-bzr stopped working without any replacement LP: #1869231. That made working with Bazaar repositories even more painful for people working primarily with git.

As part of the migration outlined at I've set up a replacement Git repository for this Bazaar repository at [1].

Please consider switching over to a copy of it placed to the appropriate location, then merging this change to redirect to the new location.

There are several other Bazaar branches of this repository at . The replacement repository [1] contains those as well and while ideally all the branches should switch to Git at the same time I can fix up the history to switch the SRU branches later (with a similar commit in Bazaar branches).

If there are blockers preventing the switch please state them in this MR to let us fix them.

I'll happily regenerate [1] before the switch upon request again when the blockers are gone, but I don't plan keeping it updated because the full automatism is not in place.


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Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

The prerequisites for this are:
- make the git branch live
- update lp:~ubuntu-release/britney/britney1-ubuntu/ to point to the git branch instead of the bzr branch and to support git instead of just bzr
- ensure the checkouts on snakefruit are switched to git
- if necessary, re-sync the git branch from the bzr branch

review: Needs Fixing
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Balint Reczey (rbalint) wrote :

@vorlon: Thanks, I've filed the MP for the britney1 changed at:

I'm ready to resync the git branch when needed, but the rest of the actions need rights to change things I can't.

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Balint Reczey (rbalint) wrote :

What should be be the new repo URL? In the other MP I assume , so the redirects in the bzr repos should be updated.

4878. By Balint Reczey

Moved to git at

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Balint Reczey (rbalint) wrote :

Launchpad seems to support branch permissions, so this should not be a blocker:

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Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

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3+++ THIS_REPOSITORY_HAS_BEEN_MOVED_TO_GIT 2020-07-04 23:20:48 +0000
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7=== removed file 'adconrad'
8=== renamed file 'apw' => 'apw.THIS'
9=== removed file 'arges'
10=== removed file 'brian-murray'
11=== removed file 'freeze'
12=== removed file 'laney'
13=== removed file 'pitti'
14=== removed file 'racb'
15=== removed file 'raof'
16=== renamed file 'sil2100' => 'sil2100.THIS'
17=== removed file 'stefanor'
18=== removed file 'stgraber'
19=== removed file 'tjaalton'
20=== renamed file 'ubuntu-release' => 'ubuntu-release.THIS'
21=== removed file 'ubuntu-sru'
22=== removed file 'vorlon'