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Iain Lane (laney) wrote :

That's right, that config file is only an example for if you wanted to run the whole stack in Canonistack.

My position is that if this gets us consistently passing tests - avoiding the burden of people having to retry all the time and wait for ages - then we should do it.

I've been running tests in the production infrastructure to see how much this will help. I have run 3 complete runs on "m1.large" instances. One of them succeeded, the other two failed. A 4th is going now, and I'll post its log once that is done (might be tomorrow depending on how it goes).

I'm now running the same in Canonistack, on m1.large. My hope is that this fails in a similar way, which should be more helpful for debugging, as apparently these failures are not reproducible for people locally.

Question while we're waiting for that: what is it about amd64 that makes this necessary when it's not needed for other arches? Or to ask in a different way, if we're going to do it in one place, should we do it everywhere for sanity?

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