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a7c68ed... by Ravi Kant Sharma

replace wireless-tool with iw (LP: #2068612)

13102c7... by Utkarsh Gupta

Add unminimize to supported-cloud until 24.04 release

This is being added here until the actual cloud and server seed
changes happen. Without them, unminimize is a candidate to be
demoted from main to universe. Adding them in supported-* makes
it stick to main.

4f22d3c... by Dave Jones

Remove pi-bluetooth

It's now an empty transitional package as all bluetooth setup is
configured by the kernel

faf1bf3... by Matthias Klose

seed GCC 13 instead of 11

080b8d5... by Steve Langasek

Definitively drop isc-dhcp-client

059cf8e... by Christian Ehrhardt 

Follow the rename of ubuntu-advantage-tools to ubuntu-pro-client

Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <email address hidden>

6bf4f63... by Robie Basak

Seed trace-cmd (LP: #2051850)

This is a Recommends as part of our performance engineering work
(FO147). trace-cmd is awaiting MIR (LP: #2051850).

8328ce7... by Robie Basak

Seed sysstat, numactl and ethtool in standard

These are Recommends as part of our performance engineering work (FO147).

4729e52... by Christian Ehrhardt 

move irqbalance out of standard

As discussed in LP: #1833322 there are three categories:
- The majority of systems behave fine without irqbalance nowadays
  with devices, drivers and the kernel in general having taken over
  most of the old responsibilities
- There are a few cases where it seems to affect performance negatively,
  there is no hard data, but those seem to mostly be Desktop users
  that might not even know about irqbalance
- There are a few cases that have been identified to still benefit
  from irqbalance, but those are the minority as far as we know.

Therefore this change moves irqbalance out of standard (where it was
already marked as removable) to just be supported (to stay in main),
but not be installed by default anywhere.

The few cases have been identified to still have the desire for it are:
- Special images that can add it at CPCs image build steps
- Usually hand tuned high profile workloads that can add it as part of
  their deployment

Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <email address hidden>

41dc414... by Andreas Hasenack

Demote glusterfs-server (LP: #2045063)