Code review comment for lp:~raphink/byobu/acl

Raphaël Pinson (raphink) wrote :

Hi :-Dustin,

This branch adds a menu entry in byobu-config to deal with basic ACLs.

Ideally, I wanted to have a menu with existing ACLs to modify them, and another one to add new ACLs. As it turned out, I couldn't find out how to read the current ACLs for the screen. The only command I've found is ^A:displays, but it's a paged display that cannot be parsed, and it doesn't list all ACLs. As a result, you have to specify the full ACLs for every change.

To apply the ACLs, I chose to use a tempfile since there were a few commands to launch. You might prefer to launch the commands one by one instead.

Finally, there's the issue of the setuid root bit, but screen prints a message about that when an invited user tries to join the screen, so it's clear enough this way (with a bit of doc probably).



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