Last commit made on 2016-11-13
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691fc8c... by greenkeeperio-bot <email address hidden> on 2016-11-13

chore(package): update react-color to version 2.4.3


a74879b... by Samuel Attard on 2016-11-13

Fetch google email to use as gpmdp_connect id

dd8a2ce... by Samuel Attard on 2016-11-12

Add inital GPMDP connect support

4ac79d4... by Str82no1 on 2016-11-12

Added Romanian language (#1881)

9ea369e... by Gabriel Rohden <email address hidden> on 2016-11-12

Added some PT-BR terms translations (#1885)

Added some PT-BR terms translations and updated a wrong one (line 86)

d40d80c... by Samuel Attard on 2016-11-10

Disable zoom-for-dfs. Fixes #1777

44f4889... by Samuel Attard on 2016-11-05

Add pirate language

3f740b7... by Samuel Attard on 2016-11-05

Fix linting issues

73bd632... by Samuel Attard on 2016-11-04

Add easy vendor util to download all release to upload to GH

55098a0... by Samuel Attard on 2016-11-03