Last commit made on 2016-10-31
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62a2002... by greenkeeperio-bot <email address hidden> on 2016-10-31

chore(package): update lodash to version 4.16.5


1ceaeba... by James Clark <email address hidden> on 2016-10-30

Add an option to invert the tray icon on Linux (#1841)

* Add an option to invert the tray icon on Linux

* Implement proposed changes in pull request

* Add string keys to other languages for translation

5e470f0... by Samuel Attard on 2016-10-30

Fix PlaybackAPI and webSocketAPI tests

f7530b7... by Samuel Attard on 2016-10-30

Fix linting

c5478fe... by Samuel Attard on 2016-10-30

Fix envify replace regexp

04cb18b... by Samuel Attard on 2016-10-28

Correct check for no sentry DSN. Fixes #1836

4f810e3... by Samuel Attard on 2016-10-27

Proxy GPM volume events to the PlaybackAPI and the webSocketAPI

6956458... by Sertac Ozercan on 2016-10-27

changed SystemMediaTransportControls icon color to white for better consistency and visibility (#1795)

7f68c47... by sHa <email address hidden> on 2016-10-27

Add Ukrainian Language (#1820)

5bd64c2... by Samuel Attard on 2016-10-26

Fix linting issues