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git clone -b greenkeeper-gpmdp-electron-winstaller-1.1.0 https://git.launchpad.net/~raof/google-play-music-desktop-player-unofficial/+git/raof

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75828d3... by greenkeeperio-bot <email address hidden> on 2016-12-04

chore(package): update gpmdp-electron-winstaller to version 1.1.0


7289f9f... by Samuel Attard on 2016-12-04


ed1e97f... by Samuel Attard on 2016-12-04


b01b3db... by Samuel Attard on 2016-12-02

Reset theme file on escape key press

Fixes #1971

d899565... by Samuel Attard on 2016-12-02

Fix tests because I changed something in Electron :laughing:

deb737e... by Scott Larkin <email address hidden> on 2016-12-02

Create .codeclimate.yml (#1968)

I created a .codeclimate.yml that will integrate with your ESLint config.

7838ad4... by Chris Ben on 2016-12-02

de.json (repaired failed PR) (#1916)

* [UPDATE] german language

* [UPDATE] german language

* [PROPOSE] minor translation changes

minor translation text change proposals to make it feel more natural

* [UPDATE] add new string for prevent display sleep

7b3a83c... by Samuel Attard on 2016-11-29

Fix rebuild.js

b8c113c... by Samuel Attard on 2016-11-26

Stop white flashing on macOS. Ficxes #1928

baf8f73... by Samuel Attard on 2016-11-26

Fix yarn modules on darwin