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Recent revisions

2709. By YabTransifex <email address hidden> on 2017-02-06

Updating translations for yabause/l10n/yabause_ru.yts

2708. By Guillaume on 2017-01-17

Detection of OpenGL failure and fallback

This change introduce the following changes:

- A new global variable "opengl disabled" used by the software renderer
  to know if it should work in "full software" or "opengl" mode;

- In the Qt port, both YabauseGL (for OpenGL) and YabauseSoftGL (for
  "full software") are now available at the same time (they used to
  be mutualy exclusive, using preprocessor black magic);

- A new YabauseGLProxy used as... yeah, you guess it: a proxy to the
  two previous objects, to avoid adding too much logic in Yabause UI;

- When Qt port fails to init Yabause, it sets the "opengl disabled"
  global variable, tells YabauseGLProxy to switch to software rendering
  again then tries to init again.

The result is you can now use "full software" mode without recompiling.

2707. By Guillaume on 2017-01-17

Turning off dynarec by default

It won't compile on most modern Linux distributions because
of the pointer to hardcoded memory area.

2706. By IlyaIndigo <email address hidden> on 2016-10-17

fix wrong Category and building in openSUSE OBS (#355)

* fix wrong Category and building in openSUSE OBS

* Update yabause.desktop.in

2705. By YabTransifex <email address hidden> on 2016-09-30

Updating translations for yabause/l10n/yabause_sv.yts

2704. By YabTransifex <email address hidden> on 2016-09-23

Updating translations for yabause/l10n/yabause_es.yts

2703. By YabTransifex <email address hidden> on 2016-09-21

Updating translations for yabause/l10n/yabause_de.yts

2702. By Guillaume on 2016-09-10

Support for different Android platforms (#351)

This change make it possible to select an Android Platform
in the different android cmake files.

It changes the platform used to compile the Yabause library
and set APP_PLATFORM to the same value for ndk-build.

Platform is set to android-19 for armeabi, making it possible
to run Yabause on really old platforms, like android-8.

2701. By Guillaume on 2016-09-08

Rewrote thread sleep/wake for Linux (#348)

Now using pthread condition variables instead of pause/signal.
This makes it possible to use threads in the Android port.

2700. By Guillaume on 2016-09-05

Handling runtime permissions for Android >= 6 (#346)

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