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Natalia Bidart (nataliabidart) wrote :

> > * If we're leaving the license 'next' button to be a commit button, we don't
> > need to store the string text of the Next button, so that can be safely
> > removed.
> Can't remove it, causes errors later on. Moved it so it doesn't appear to be
> part
> of the license_page setup.

The line:

self.next_button_text = self.button(self.NextButton).text()

was added by me so we could restore the text in the NextButton in another page, since before we were cutomizing the text in the NextButton for the license page.

As how this branch is, the NextButton text is never changed, so there is no need to keep that hack in place. You can indeed remove it, but you have to removed from all the methods that is being used on (I tried this myself).


review: Needs Fixing

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