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Roberto Alsina (ralsina) wrote :

> * I wonder why you added a new method start_from_license instead of redefining
> setStartId in the QWizard. Any reason not to do that?

Moed start_from_license into the controlpanel as suggested.

> * I think that the test_first_page should not be removed, it may need some
> tweaks so it remains as:
> def test_first_page(self):
> """The first page is the correct one."""
> expected = self.ui.pages[self.ui.signin_page]
> self.assertEqual(self.ui.startId(), expected)

That was already covered by the new test_start_from_license test (had that exact assert).
Readded this test now since start_from_license moved, and moved the test for start_from_license
to control panel tests.

> * Can you please fix the indentation of test_start_from_license so the whole
> 79-columns width are used? Something like (the following may need tweaking if
> we move to setStartId):
> def test_start_from_license(self):
> """Test the start_from_license method."""
> # Before, we start on sign_in
> assert self.ui.startId() == self.ui.pages[self.ui.signin_page]
> # After calling start_from_license, we start on license_page
> self.ui.start_from_license()
> self.assertEqual(self.ui.startId(),
> self.ui.pages[self.ui.license_page])

Ermmmm I like the way I wrote it? It's wider now anyway because the names are longer.

> * Why did you need to change the page_id of the buttons dict in
> UbuntuOneWizardCloudToComputerTestCase, UbuntuOneWizardComputerToCloudTestCase
> and UbuntuOneWizardSettingsTestCase?

Because they didn't work. Those are page IDs, and since now the license page is
added as first page, all those tests failed because they IDs moved.

> * Why the test_buttons_behavior is skipped for UbuntuOneWizardLicensePage? I
> see the comment you added but that does not explain to me why you need to
> redefine/skip it instead of making it pass. Also, why does the NextButton need
> to be a CommitButton?

It has to be a CommitButton so the user can't go back to the license page.
The CommitButton doesn't trigger the same signals as NextButton, and can't find
anywhere in the docs what we may expect there. I changed the test slightly so that
we can check the text of the buttons even if they don't trigger anything by
passing None as signal name.

> * If we're leaving the license 'next' button to be a commit button, we don't
> need to store the string text of the Next button, so that can be safely
> removed.

Can't remove it, causes errors later on. Moved it so it doesn't appear to be part
of the license_page setup.

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