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2708cf6... by Ryan Harper on 2021-01-14

Manually fix up tox issues from automatic adding if Hirsute

The automated tool isn't perfect; mostly issues with indentation.
One more refactor of the really-long-class-names in network disabled
test case as well.

4f2ae96... by Ryan Harper on 2021-01-13

Add a tool to generate new release classes based on a previous release

For example:

  ./tools/vmtest-add-release -p tests/vmtests \
    --previous-release=focal --distro-release=hirsute

User still needs to create the release class in

2eae73b... by Ryan Harper on 2021-01-13

Ensure new class has two empty lines

1d57ef5... by Ryan Harper on 2021-01-13

Adjust class definition to match other curtin tests

d79a227... by Ryan Harper on 2021-01-13

Add Hirsute release, add tool to update vmtest classes

3bb8cc0... by Ryan Harper on 2021-01-07

install_grub: Fix bootloader-id for RHEL systems, must be redhat

In 7310b4fe61465, the port from shell dropped a change where the boot-id
value for Redhat family OSes is the value 'redhat' not the os-release ID
value (which is rhel, on RHEL systems).

Add this change back to install_grub and fix unittests that fail with
'rhel' instead of 'redhat' in os-release values. Hardcode 'redhat'
paths in expected values.

LP: #1906543

a259100... by Dan Watkins on 2020-12-17

vmtests: remove LP: #1888726 skip_by_date decorators

The bug has been fixed, these tests are now passing.

6b34b6a... by Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2020-12-15

storage_config: only produce type: dasd actions for ECKD dasds

this also attempts to improve the dasd documentation a bit

3999004... by Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2020-12-15

storage_config: handle some FBA dasd oddities

The storage_config handling of dasds only accounted for ECKD
dasds. FBA dasds need different handling -- in many ways they are
more like a regular disk (that can only be formatted with a DOS
partition table, but this code doesn't need to handle that), but
the kernel creates a magic fake partition for a FBA dasd with no
DOS partition table and we want to pretend that doesn't exist.

e099e32... by Nishanth Aravamudan <email address hidden> on 2020-12-15

apt_config: stop using the deprecated apt-key command

This applies the same changes as apt-setup has for
dumping the keys specified in the configuration to
the target filesystem.

LP: #1892494