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428480d... by Ryan Harper on 2020-05-28

Fix flake8

1328a02... by Ryan Harper on 2020-05-27

Drop skiptests for vlan issue, now fixed

15810a7... by Ryan Harper on 2020-05-27

Additional bcache related tests which need more time for fix to land

af06d87... by Ryan Harper on 2020-05-27

Bump skip_by_date on FocalTestRaid5Bcache, but is not yet fixed in groovy, nor SRU'ed back

57ba107... by Ryan Harper on 2020-05-27

Drop skiptest on Ubuntu ReuseESP tests, add for Centos and mark with new bug

3fe441a... by Ryan Harper on 2020-05-27

Remove skip-by-date for CentosTestScsiBasic, lp 1859858 is fixed

5153c57... by Ryan Harper on 2020-05-26

Release 20.1

Bump the version in curtin/__init__.py to be 20.1.

LP: #1880741

4190db6... by Ryan Harper on 2020-05-26

Handle multiple separators which were found in TestAllindata vmtest

TestAllindata specifies additional kernel args and include the '---'
separator. vmtest baseclass already includes a '---' and after
landing of the grub refactor, the python version of the
get_carryover_params did not handle the additional '---'.
Fix this by combining any args after the first '---' separator.

cb60d8a... by Ryan Harper on 2020-05-22

verify_ptable_flag: dos primary partitions use ptable_uuid map for flag

Curtin currently special-cases verifying MSDOS 'boot', 'extended'
and 'logical' flags. This ignored primary DOS partitions. When
verifying partition flags on a MSDOS primary partition use
ptable_uuid_to_flag_entry map as we do for GPT partitions.

LP: #1878890

8120f5c... by Lucas Albuquerque Medeiros de Moura on 2020-05-21

net_meta: add disabled mode to skip writing any network config

Curtin's install command invokes 'net-meta auto' by default
which will handle provided network config or render a config
based on the environments current network configuration.

Adding 'disabled' mode allows users who handle writing their
own network config into the target to disable curtin's config.

This config

      disabled: ['curtin', 'net-meta', 'disabled']

instructs curtin to not write out any network-config files to
the target system.

Adds vmtests:
  - verify net-meta disabled does not render file in target
  - verify users can pass network: {config: disabled} to disable
    cloud-init networking in the target
  - verify users can pass newtork:
    {config: disabled, version: 1} to disable cloud-init
    networking in the target