Last commit made on 2020-12-08
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fd2fbde... by Ryan Harper on 2020-12-08

curthooks: verify secondary ESP partitions have fat32 format

Ignore partitions with flag: boot which are not FAT32 formatted as
they are not actual ESPs.

LP: #1907280

7eee461... by Ryan Harper on 2020-12-08

unittest: fix typo in type:format structure

8c1f7f9... by Ryan Harper on 2020-12-08

Add unittest to demonstrate EPS on /boot partition returns both

Unittest to trigger error where the /boot partition which is NOT
an ESP is selected as a grub device.

d41a567... by Lee Trager on 2020-12-07

Don't install grub if it is already found on CentOS/RHEL

LP: #1895067

9130753... by Ryan Harper on 2020-11-23

vmtests: Replace newly added Eoan test with Groovy

Eoan is EOL, replace Eoan entry in newly added test with Groovy

2d3c3d8... by Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2020-11-19

vmtests: test using a disk with RAID partition on it directly in a RAID

8818498... by Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2020-11-19

fix verification of vtoc partitions

Currently curtin verifies the size and flags of a partition by
using sfdisk to inspect it and checking the results. But that
doesn't work on a dasd's vtoc partition table, so this branch
renames parition_verify to parition_verify_sfdisk, adds
parition_verify_fdasd and calls the latter when ptable ==
'vtoc'. The branch does a little more than is strictly necessary,
perhaps, but the other stuff will come in useful soon, I promise

LP: #1899471

beb12f0... by Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2020-11-19

create an empty vtoc in disk_handler

Another merge proposal I have uses fdasd to get the block and track size
when partitioning a disk. But the wiping disk_handler can do can do
enough damage to stop fdasd working at all. Putting an empty vtoc onto
the disk allows fdasd to report the sizes when needed.

2798a68... by Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2020-11-18

remove unused parameters from dasd code

The functions that parse dasdinfo and dasdview output take
parameters strict and rawoutput that are only passed by tests.
This removes them and the tests.

af7852f... by Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2020-11-18

remove support for calling get_path_to_storage_volume on a dasd action

there is no code path that will do this today, and this implementation
will not work with some changes I want to make to support dasds passed
via virtio.