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23e2564... by Ryan Harper

curthooks: uefi_find_grub_device_ids handle type:mount without path

When scanning a curtin storage config for efi mount entries we failed
to handle the case where an entry does not contain the 'path' key.
Curtin storage config type:mount does not require a 'path' element.
Change to using .get('path') when looking for efi mount path.

LP: #1892242

0f6a06b... by Ryan Harper

netplan openvswitch yaml changed

netplan's openvswitch yaml format has changed and now openvswitch
is not a top-level type but a subkey under various top-level keys.
This change will allow for top-level or subkey matching and retains
the check on renderer type (whether netplan supports that for
openvswitch or not; it's used for NetworkManager, networkd).

LP: #1891608

5b13f4e... by Ryan Harper

tools/curtainer: do not wait for snapd.seeded.service

The curtainer tool is used in CI and other places to extract a certain
curtin source from the archive and then is used to pack/unpack the
curtin code in the correct environment. We have no need or use of
snapd in this container which currently blocks for longer than
curtainer waits for the system to boot due to waiting for snaps to
download and install.

820f460... by Ryan Harper

tools/curtainer: enable using ubuntu-minimal images

Ubuntu Minimal images are much smaller and run fewer things at
boot so they're ideal for the curtainer bootstrap environment for
extracting curtin source. The minimal image does not have the
'add-apt-repository' command present so write out the daily ppa
source list file and import the PPA gpg key into apt.

65ca414... by Paride Legovini

vmtests: add Groovy

c8c6418... by Paride Legovini

Drop the Eoan vmtests (EOL)

2a5d8c1... by Dan Watkins

tools: rename remove-vmtest-release to vmtest-remove-release

This prefix matches other vmtest scripts we have in tools/, making it
easier to discover.

(Also make it executable.)

e2e211b... by Paride Legovini

Snooze the tests failing because of LP: #1861941 for two more months

003f860... by Paride Legovini

LP: #1671951 is Fix Released => Drop the PPA

f1bf44f... by Ryan Harper

swaps: handle swapfiles on btrfs

Special care and handling are needed for creating swap files on top
of btrfs filesystems. Curtin will attempt to disable btrfs CoW
on the target file before attempting to fallocate/dd the file.

- Btrfs swapfile requires target kernel 5.0+, older kernels cannot use.
- Query target fstype to check if we can proceed with swap file
  btrfs requires newer kernel, xfs cannot use fallocate
- Update distro.parse_dpkg_version to handle additional formatting
  including linux-image-generic, and versions with Epoch present.
- Adjust TestBasic,TestScsiBasic to add a swapfile to the /btrfs target
- Add the swap partition/file to TestBasic's fstab unittest
- Fix test_swaps_used to use fstab data instead of storage config
  since file-based swaps are created via curtin 'swap' config not
- Add swap config key 'force', default is false
- Add curtin feature flag, BTRFS_SWAPFILE

LP: #1884161