Last commit made on 2020-06-23
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beccf1f... by Ryan Harper on 2020-06-23

Adjust some working in the swap config:force documentation.

0d4f83a... by Ryan Harper on 2020-06-23

Adjust comment per Paride

994563e... by Ryan Harper on 2020-06-23

Fix missing colon

8de1cd8... by Ryan Harper on 2020-06-23

Remove ZFS, no swapfile support, add comment around fallocate command use

5318701... by Ryan Harper on 2020-06-23

Use --noheading with findmnt

335cb5e... by Ryan Harper on 2020-06-23

parse_dpkg_version: epoch should default to 0 per dep-version(7).

0c596d8... by Ryan Harper on 2020-06-22

Fix s390x by-path lookups for TestScsiBasic

4643789... by Ryan Harper on 2020-06-22

Fix features unittest, missing comma, style and flake issues

8b1ba51... by Ryan Harper on 2020-06-20

vmtest: fix test_basic for btrfs swap

- btrfs swapfile requires target kernel 5.0+
- Update distro.parse_dpkg_version to handle additional formatting
  Including linux-image-generic, and versions with Epoch present
- Add feature flag, BTRFS_SWAPFILE
- Add swap config key 'force', default is false
- Query target fstype to check if we can proceed with swap file
  btrfs requires newer kernel, xfs cannot use fallocate
- Fix TestBasicScsi config yaml to include swap: config

e0e89ae... by Ryan Harper on 2020-06-19

swaps: handle swapfiles on btrfs

Special care and handling are needed for creating swap files on top
of btrfs filesystems. Curtin will attempt to disable btrfs CoW
on the target file before attempting to fallocate/dd the file.

- Adjust TestBasic to add a swapfile to the /btrfs target
- Add the swap partition/file to TestBasic's fstab unittest
- Fix test_swaps_used to use fstab data instead of storage config
  since file-based swaps are created via curtin 'swap' config not

LP: #1884161