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c589752... by Ryan Harper on 2019-09-18

Update vmtest verification for simple

468bf21... by Ryan Harper on 2019-09-18

clear-holders: increase the level for devices with holders by one

In the case where clear-holders looks at a dependent device, if the
parent is already in the registry, we want to take the max level
and then increment this by one to ensure the dependent device is
shutdown first. This resolves the case where we have an LVM over
top a bcache device and we need to remove the LVM device before
any of the bcache devices can be removed as they may share a cacheset
in which case all bcache devices will be stopped before the cacheset
can be removed.

Update vmtest scenario that recreates.

dcb2fda... by Ryan Harper on 2019-09-18

Add some lvm on top of the bcache to attempt to trip failure path

86ede8a... by Ryan Harper on 2019-10-03

block-schema: allow 'mac' as partition table type

On PPC64, the partition table on the live iso is 'mac'.
Add this value to the partition type schema.

LP: #1845611

390efbb... by Paride Legovini on 2019-10-02

jenkins-runner: disable the lockfile timeout by default

When CURTIN_VMTEST_IMAGE_LOCK_TIMEOUT is set to a negative integer
disable the lockfile timeout. By default set it to -1 (no timeout).

Rationale: while it is useful to have a timeout, there is no
sensible default. In a run like (parameters omitted):

  $ jenkins-runner &
  $ vmtest-sync-images &
  $ jenkins-runner

the second jenkins-runner will have to wait for the first one to
finish, as it's locked by vmtest-sync-images. A full vmtest run
can take several hours. I easily spotted successful runs that
took more than 16 hours on our Jenkins log. Setting the default
timeout to something like 20 hours should be safe, but I still
don't think it's a good default, as it is too high for all the
cases where only a subset of the tests is being run. The timeout
is too dependent on the hardware, on how busy the server is,
and on the set of tests which is run. No size fits all.

Other minor changes:
 - Force CURTIN_VMTEST_IMAGE_LOCK_TIMEOUT to be an integer
 - Remove unnecessary quotes around fixed strings

6c0ca57... by Dan Watkins on 2019-09-30

curthooks: use correct grub-efi package name on i386

i.e. grub-efi-ia32 instead of grub-efi-i386.

LP: #1845914

4cdb7fd... by Paride Legovini on 2019-09-30

vmtest-sync-images: remove unused imports

2d059d1... by Paride Legovini on 2019-09-27

vmtests: use file locking on the images

This change implements a file locking mechanism in the
jenkins-runner and vmtest-sync-images scripts.

The vmtest-sync-images script requires two exclusive locks
to start updating the images: a lock on IMAGE_DIR and a
lock on a lockfile. The script will wait to get both locks
locks before actually updating the images.

The jenkins-runner script does the following:

 (1) set a shared lock on IMAGE_DIR
 (2) set a shared lock on the lockfile
 (3) release the lock on IMAGE_DIR
 (4) run the vmtests
 (5) exit (releasing the lock on the lockfile)

The jenkins-runner does not hold a lock on IMAGE_DIR while
running, allowing vmtest-sync-images to set a lock there,
prevending further jenkins-runners from running the vmtests
while the images are being updated. In other words
vmtest-sync-images can "book" the images for the next
available slot.

Steps (1) and (3) can be skipped by passing the
--skip-images-dirlock option to jenkins-runner. In this way
jenkins-runner has precedence over vmtest-sync-images. This
is useful when it should run ASAP, for example in CI runs.

6f8ed52... by Paride Legovini on 2019-09-25

vmtest: enable arm64

 * Call qemu with the correct -machine/-cpu options
 * Default to UEFI boot
 * Boot the Ubuntu "ga" arm64 kernel
 * Disable the unsupported configurations (e.g. CentOS tests)

vmtest: bump the VM memory for Cosmic to 2GB

112b024... by Paride Legovini on 2019-09-25

Make the vmtests/test_basic test suite run on ppc64el

 - On ppc64el inject a PReP partition to the storage configuration
 - Expect a GPT partition table and not a DOS one on ppc64el
 - Skip XenialGAi386TestBasic if target_arch != amd64
 - Skip XenialGAi386TestZfsRoot if target_arch != amd64
 - Skip XenialGAi386TestZfsRootFsType if target_arch != amd64
 - Skip test_partition_is_zero on ppc64el (LP: #1843288)
 - Skip all the CentOS tests if target_arch = ppc64el