Code review comment for ~raharper/curtin:fix/partition-verify-flags-msdos-primary-types

I don't know if this is a possible scenario, but is it possible to have a boot type partition that is not marked as bootable ?

For example, suppose we have this type of configuration:

sfdisk_info_dos = {
            "label": "dos",
            "id": "0xb0dbdde1",
            "device": "/dev/vdb",
            "unit": "sectors",
            "partitions": [
               {"node": "/dev/vdb1", "start": 2048, "size": 8388608,
                "type": "80"},
               {"node": "/dev/vdb2", "start": 8390656, "size": 8388608,
                "type": "83"}]

In that scenario the boot check would fail, because we will not have the bootable key, but the MBR_TYPE_TO_CURTIN_MAP would find the expected "boot" flag as we want.

But do we want to have a boot partition that is not marked as bootable ? I think this scenario can happen if we provide a custom sfdisk_info dict to the function, but I don't know if that can actually happen, or if it does, if it is a problem.

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