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08009d2... by Ryan Harper on 2019-11-07

lp-to-git-users: adding raharper

Mapped from raharper

77299d4... by Chad Smith on 2019-11-07

docs: touchups in rtd intro and README.md

- rtd/index.rst: update sentence to read:
  cloud-init will also parse and process any optional user data
- rtd/topics/datasources/rbxcloud.rst: fix rst link names to build
- README.md:
  - update travis badge url to project home: github/canonical/cloud-init
  - update page title to:
    Cloud-init official project upstream as of 11/2019

1eba6dd... by Ryan Harper on 2019-11-07

doc: update launchpad git refs to github

14451d4... by Chad Smith on 2019-11-07

tools: migrate script needs to write tools/.lp-to-git-user

Also fix commit message lint

e3b6d77... by Ryan Harper on 2019-11-07

github: drop pull-request template to prepare for migration

d8ff0e3... by Chad Smith on 2019-11-06

tools: add migrate-lp-user-to-github script to link LP to github

To link a launchpad account name to your github account for licensing
accountability each LP user should publish a merge proposal in launchpad
with their LP account and a matching merge proposal in github using
their github user.

Cloud-init will track these usename maps in ./tools/.lp-to-git-user as

Run ./tools/migrate-lp-user-to-github <LP_USERNAME> <GITHUB_USERNAME>
to automatically create merge proposals in launchpad and your github

ae1dd10... by Chad Smith on 2019-11-06

github: new basic project readme

See rendered content at

073df96... by Chad Smith on 2019-11-05

Release 19.3

Bump the version in cloudinit/version.py to be 19.3 and update ChangeLog.

LP: #1851428

02f07b6... by Chad Smith on 2019-11-04

azure: support matching dhcp route-metrics for dual-stack ipv4 ipv6

Network v2 configuration for Azure will set both dhcp4 and
dhcp6 to False by default.

When IPv6 privateIpAddresses are present for an interface in Azure's
Instance Metadata Service (IMDS), set dhcp6: True and provide a
route-metric value that will match the corresponding dhcp4 route-metric.
The route-metric value will increase by 100 for each additional
interface present to ensure the primary interface has a route to IMDS.

Also fix dhcp route-metric rendering for eni and sysconfig distros.

LP: #1850308

15fa154... by David Kindred <email address hidden> on 2019-11-04

configdrive: fix subplatform config-drive for /config-drive source

When ConfigDrive discovers the source path /config-drive, subplatform
is now reports 'config-drive'

LP: #1849731