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0db42b4... by Ryan Harper

DataSourceOVF: use util.find_devs_with(TYPE=iso9660)

DataSourceOVF attempts to find iso files via walking os.listdir('/dev/')
which is far too wide. This approach is too invasive and can sometimes
race with systemd attempting to fsck and mount devices.

Instead, utilize cloudinit.util.find_devs_with to filter devices by
criteria (which uses blkid under the covers). This results in fewer
attempts to mount block devices which do not contain iso filesystems.

Unittest changes include:
- cloudinit.tests.helpers; introduce add_patch() helper
- Add unittest coverage for DataSourceOVF use of transport_iso9660

99ef5ad... by Arnd Hannemann <email address hidden>

doc: document GCE datasource.

Add some minimal documentation for GCE datasource.

0451a9f... by Robert Schweikert

suse: updates to templates to support openSUSE and SLES.

Things done here:
 - identify 'suse' as a variant in util.system_info and
   also tools/render-cloudcfg.
 - update systemd and cloud.cfg templates for suse specific changes.

LP: #1718640

243ec59... by Robert Schweikert

suse: Copy sysvinit files from redhat with slight changes.

Here we commit the SuSE provided sysvinit scripts. They are very similar
to those in redhat/ directory. They differ in small but important ways.

Rather than build a template system here we will just accept the copy
and paste. sysvinit in both RedHat and SuSE is EOL, so we do not
expect any real maintenance cost here.

LP: #1718649

2761344... by Chad Smith

docs: fix sphinx module schema documentation

Create a copy of each modules schema attribute when generating sphinx docs
to avoid altering the actual module dict in memory. This avoids illegible
rendering of module examples and distros where each character of a list
was represented on a separate line by itself.

Fixes ntp, resizefs, runcmd and bootcmd docs.

d3a8777... by Chad Smith

tests: Add cloudinit package to all test targets

The package cloudinit was sparsely added to only the makefile's unittest
target and tox's py3 target. This branch adds cloudinit package to 'make
unittest3' and all tox environments. It tweaks one cloudinit unit test to
use mocked_object.call_count instead of mocked_object.assert_called_once
which is not defined in some python unittest versions.

82b2da3... by Scott Moser

Makefile: No longer look for yaml files in obsolete ./bin/.

The bin/ dir was deleted some time ago, but the Makefile was still
searching for files down it. This didn't cause any problems other Than a
wierd looking error message in a build log.

7a2d4cc... by Scott Moser

tests: fix ds-identify unit tests to set EC2_STRICT_ID_DEFAULT.

The variable DI_EC2_STRICT_ID_DEFAULT was not being set in unit tests
so when 16.04 built, which changed that setting in patches the tests
would unexpectedly fail.

7eb3460... by Chad Smith

ec2: Fix maybe_perform_dhcp_discovery to use /var/tmp as a tmpdir

/run/cloud-init/tmp is on a filesystem mounted noexec, so running
dchlient in Ec2Local during discovery breaks with 'Permission denied'.
This branch allows us to run from a different tmp dir so we have exec

LP: #1717627

eaadf52... by Paul Meyer

Azure: wait longer for SSH pub keys to arrive.

Currently the Azure data source waits up to 60 seconds. This has proven
not to be sufficient to provide resiliency to unrelated transient failures
in other parts of the infrastructure. Azure already has logic outside of
the VM to abort hung provisioning. This changes lengthens the time out to
15 minutes.

LP: #1717611