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1f08019... by Ryan Harper on 2017-10-03

network: bridge_stp value not always correct

Update network_state to store the bridge_stp value as a boolean.
The various renderers then can map the boolean value to the correct
output as needed; eni uses 'on/off', sysconfig uses 'yes/no' and
netplan will use the boolean directly.

Update unittest values for sysconfig and netplan. Both contained
the network_state string value which resulted in not correctly enable/disable
STP in the target system.

Update network_state comment (fd -> forward-delay, add stp as boolean) on
bridge commands to match the expected format of a netplan bridge command.

LP: #1721157

aa024e3... by Joshua Powers on 2017-10-03

tests: re-enable tox with nocloud-kvm support

With the addition of the nocloud-kvm support a few other python modules
were pulled in as required and as a result this broke the tox run. The
fix was to add paramiko and simplestreams to re-enable testing.

7fd0425... by Robert Schweikert on 2017-09-18

systemd: remove limit on tasks created by cloud-init-final.service.

Depending on distribution the default number of tasks (threads) maybe
unexpectedly low or it may be the default systemd setting (512).
Setting TasksMax to "infinity" in cloud-init-final.service removes the
restriction on tasks created.

LP: #1717969

cc1475d... by Robert Schweikert on 2017-09-21

suse: Support addition of zypper repos via cloud-config.

This adds a config module so support for adding zypper repositories
via cloud-config.

LP: #1718675

0ee829f... by Joshua Powers on 2017-10-02

tests: Combine integration configs and testcases

Combine the configs and testcases directories, so all files are
together in one place. Update the test config location as well.

9d2a87d... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2017-09-30

Azure, CloudStack: Support reading dhcp options from systemd-networkd.

Systems that used systemd-networkd's dhcp client would not be able to get
information on the Azure endpoint (placed in Option 245) or the CloudStack
server (in 'server_address').

The change here supports reading these files in /run/systemd/netif/leases.
The files declare that "This is private data. Do not parse.", but at this
point we do not have another option.

LP: #1718029

946232b... by Scott Moser on 2017-10-02

packages/debian/copyright: remove mention of boto and MIT license

boto_utils.py had been removed some time ago, and the current
cloudinit/ec2_utils.py is not based on what was in boto_utils.

We just failed to remove the mention of it from the upstream
debian/copyright. And then put it back in everywhere in recent changes
to get upstream and ubuntu in sync.

6f2aaf7... by Robert Schweikert on 2017-09-24

systemd: only mention Before=apt-daily.service on debian based distros.

Ordering on apt service should only be set up on Debian based
distributions. This changes is really a net-zero in runtime result.
But, mentioning apt on a rpm based distro could be confusing.

b3acdff... by Chad Smith on 2017-10-02

Add missing simpletable and simpletable tests for failed merge

f010594... by Andrew Jorgensen on 2017-10-02

Remove prettytable dependency, introduce simpletable

The first revision of this rendered tables with less decoration but there
was a desire upstream to avoid possibly breaking some parsing someone
might be doing, so it has been revised to render the same as prettytable
for the cases cloud-init actually uses.