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cbd9bfb... by Rafael David Tinoco


2b76fc4... by Rafael David Tinoco

  * d/p/fix-nfs-service-name-to-nfs-kernel-server.patch:
    change service name from nfs to nfs-kernel-server
    in legacy script 06.nfs.script also (LP: #722201)

4e1db24... by Rafael David Tinoco

Import patches-unapplied version 2:4.10.0+dfsg-0ubuntu5 to ubuntu/eoan-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Upload parent: 44d89a65cc17b45a65ec131f53243a47d9933001

44d89a6... by Rafael David Tinoco


9563738... by Rafael David Tinoco

  * debian/rules: Make DEB_HOST_ARCH_CPU initialized through
    dpkg-architecture (Closes: #931138)

2612b56... by Rafael David Tinoco

  * d/p/ctdb-config-enable-syslog-by-default.patch:
    enable syslog and systemd journal by default

f3e5b05... by Rafael David Tinoco

  * d/p/ctdb-config-depend-on-etc-default-nodes-file.patch:
    do not try to start daemon if /etc/ctdb/nodes does not exist

0b25e80... by Rafael David Tinoco

  * d/rules: installing provided config examples and helper scripts
  * Examples of NFS HA CTDB config files + helper script:
    - d/ctdb.example.enable.nfs.sh
    - d/ctdb.example.nfs-common
    - d/ctdb.example.nfs-kernel-server
    - d/ctdb.example.services
    - d/ctdb.example.sysctl-nfs-static-ports.conf

5e1feb6... by Rafael David Tinoco

  * Allow proper ctdb initalization (LP: #1828799):
    - d/ctdb.dirs: added /var/lib/ctdb/* directories
    - d/ctdb.postrm: remove leftovers from:

05cb8df... by Rafael David Tinoco

  * d/ctdb.install, d/rules: create ctdb run directory into tmpfiles.d
    to allow pid file to exist (LP: #1821775)

Signed-off-by: Rafael David Tinoco <email address hidden>