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Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote :

* Changelog:
  - [ ] old content and logical tag match as expected
  - [√] changelog entry correct version and targeted codename
  - [ ] changelog entries correct
  - [√] update-maintainer has been run

* Actual changes:
  - [√] no upstream changes to consider
    + Test has seen no code updates in a few years.
  - [√] no further upstream version to consider
  - [√] debian changes look safe

* Old Delta:
  - [-] dropped changes are ok to be dropped
  - [-] nothing else to drop
  - [√] changes forwarded upstream/debian (if appropriate)

* New Delta:
  - [-] no new patches added
  - [x] patches match what was proposed upstream
    + The patch is not attached to the upstream bug report.
  - [√] patches correctly included in debian/patches/series
  - [√] patches have correct DEP3 metadata

* Build/Test:
  - [√] build is ok
  - [√] verified PPA package installs/uninstalls
    + Instead of a PPA, I debuild'd the package and installed the .deb
  - [√] autopkgtest against the PPA package passes
  - [√] sanity checks test fine

I also saw weirdness running the autopkgtest in my local lxc. Hopefully it should work cleanly in the archive.

I wonder if it would be useful to also post the patch to the upstream bug report? Your description is really clear so probably not strictly necessary but might help it get attention.

Anyway, for the package itself it all LGTM, +1.

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