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Tony Byrne (tony-badwolf) wrote :

Hi Michael
 I looked at this quite a while ago and couldn't make up my mind if is was a bug or not. We will agree it is a bug because it generates a false error message.

 If the derived template was produced by an earlier version of quickly we would like to call upgrade on the project. Quickly marks *all* projects for upgrade that are created from derived templates, probably because it is difficult to discover which version of quickly produced the template.

templatetools contains the comment
# initialize with an empty project version to force first upgrade

Calling upgrade fails for templates produced by version 11.04 because it expects old code to be present in the project. I added a patch to which seems to directly address the problem.

I've marked this branch as needs fixing because I suspect that it will skip upgrade for old templates in ~/quickly-templates. I don't have a codebase to be sure.

review: Needs Fixing

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