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instance_controls 2020-09-13 06:10:37 UTC 2020-09-13
Add window controls to instance menu items /as a submenu/

Author: quequotion
Author Date: 2020-09-12 07:40:04 UTC

Add window controls to instance menu items /as a submenu/

Currently only "Close", "Switch to", and "Minimize".

The submenu is required to have a "close instance" feature.

Gtk won't allow a button on a MenuItem. Unfortunately, submenus
break MenuItem's .activate.connnect() signal--contrary to how
this is documented--so window switching also had to move from the
window_item into the submenu. I wanted "minimize active instance"
to happen on the window_item as well, but for the same reason it
must be done in the submenu.

It isn't as pretty as what I had in mind, but it does *work*.

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