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45. By Barry Warsaw on 2011-09-14

No change rebuild for LTS PPA.

44. By Scott Kitterman on 2009-12-12

Changelog tweaks by my sponsor prior to uploading.

43. By Max Bowsher on 2009-12-11

Amend the XS-Python-Version line to ">= 2.4" rather than explicit versions.
(Explicit versions which are not available via python-all cause FTBFS.)

42. By Max Bowsher on 2009-12-11

Add LP bug numbers to the changelog for bugs closed by merge.

41. By Max Bowsher on 2009-12-11

Per request of Scott Kitterman, revert changing XS-Python-Version to all,
restoring the line from Debian.

40. By Max Bowsher on 2009-12-02

Set XS-Python-Version to all, let pyversions have control.

39. By Max Bowsher on 2009-12-01

Merge 1.6.6dfsg-2:

* Update svn-bisect (Closes: #535234), fix bugs, add features,
  and write a manpage. Also mention it in the subversion-tools
  Description. (Closes: #535187)
* Move from db4.7 to db4.8, tracking apr-util. (Closes: #557457)
* Move the example XSL and CSS files for mod_dav_svn to
  /usr/share/doc/libapache2-svn/examples/. (Closes: #553535)
* patches/ruby-test-info: New patch to maybe address a FTBFS. (#545372)
  Thanks Michael Diers, Joe Swatosh and Stefan Sperling. I expect that
  this is not the only fix needed, but we shall see.
* patches/16x-po: New patch: a couple translation updates from 1.6.7.
* libsvn-java: depend on ${shlibs:Depends}, thanks Lintian.
* python-subversion: Update an outdated Lintian override.
* libsvn1: Add a handful of Lintian overrides.
  (Closes: #531369, #543110)
  - patches/kwallet-wid: New patch based very loosely on upstream work, to
* Set dependency_libs='' in all .la files (Closes: #544877), as per:
* New upstream release. (Closes: #531366)
* Upload to unstable (Closes: #532648)

38. By Max Bowsher on 2009-11-17

* Merge from debian unstable (LP: #483953), remaining changes:
  - Create pot file on build.
  - Build a python-subversion-dbg package.
  - (Build-)depend on default-jre-headless/-jdk.
  - Do not apply java-build patch.
  - Don't build for python2.4, not in main.
  - debian/rules: Manually create the doxygen output directory, otherwise
    we get weird build failures when running parallel builds.
  - Disable the serf backend because serf is in universe.

37. By Max Bowsher on 2009-11-17

Merge ancestry and replace file-ids from Debian 1.6.5dfsg-1, no change to content.

36. By Max Bowsher on 2009-11-17

Merge replacement of file-ids with Debian's in the upstream portion of the tree.

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