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108. By Barry Warsaw on 2011-09-15

No change rebuild for Python 2.7 LTS PPA.

107. By Barry Warsaw on 2011-09-14

No change rebuild for LTS backport.

106. By Michael Vogt on 2010-04-14

Cherry pick fix from the debian branch:

[ Julian Andres Klode ]
* python/cache.cc:
  - Fix PackageFile.not_automatic to use NotAutomatic instead of NotSource.

105. By Michael Vogt on 2010-03-31

[ Julian Andres Klode ]
* apt/package.py:
  - Decode using utf-8 in installed_files (LP: #407953).
  - Fix fetch_source() to work when source name = binary name (LP: #552400).
* python/cache.cc:
  - Check that 2nd argument to Cache.update() really is a SourceList object.
* python/generic.cc:
  - Map ArchiveURI property to archive_uri
* utils/migrate-0.8.py:
  - Open files in universal newline support and pass filename to ast.parse.
  - Add has_key to the list of deprecated functions.
  - Don't abort if parsing failed.
  - do not require files to end in .py if they are passed on the command
    line or if they contain python somewhere in the shebang line.

104. By Julian Andres Klode on 2010-03-29

If PYTHON_APT_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS is unset, also disable the
deprecation warnings in apt_pkg directly; and don't just
disable any deprecation warning in apt/__init__.py (LP: #548623)

103. By Michael Vogt on 2010-03-25

* python/indexfile.cc:
  - add missing 0.7 compat indexfile.ArchiveURI method
    (LP: #545848)

102. By Michael Vogt on 2010-03-23

* debian/control:
  - build against "XS-Python-Versions: all" to ensure we only
    build/test against supported python versions (fixes FTBFS)

101. By Michael Vogt on 2010-03-23

Updated to the 0.7.9x series (FFe LP: #531518), this
brings us python3 support and a more PEP08 conform

[ Julian Andres Klode ]
* python/generic.cc:
  - Fix a memory leak when using old attribute names.
* debian/control:
  - Change priority to standard, keep -doc and -dev on optional.

[ Michael Vogt ]
* apt/cache.py:
  - make cache open silent by default (use apt.progress.base.OpProgress)
* tests/data/aptsources_ports/sources.list:
  - fix ports test-data
* debian/control
  - build against XS-Python-Versions: 2.6, 3.1
* tests/test_apt_cache.py:
  - add simple test for basic cache/dependency iteration
* apt/__init__.py:
  - only show deprecation warnings if PYTHON_APT_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS
    is set in the environment. While we do want to have the new API its
    not feasible to port all apps in the lucid timeframe. Once lucid
    is released we turn the warnings on by default again

100. By Michael Vogt on 2010-03-09

* python/generic.cc:
  - fix build failure with latest gcc

99. By Emmet Hikory on 2010-03-05

[ Michael Vogt ]
* data/templates/Ubuntu.info.in:
  - make armel point to ports.ubuntu.com (LP: #531876)

[ Emmet Hikory ]
* data/templates/Ubuntu.info.in:
  - refactor to use ports by default for gutsy and newer releases
  - Set appropriate exceptions to defaults for warty-lucid

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