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16. By Barry Warsaw on 2011-09-15

No change rebuild for Python 2.7 LTS PPA.

15. By Barry Warsaw on 2011-09-14

No change rebuild for LTS PPA.

14. By Robert Collins on 2009-05-24

Fix deprecation warning in Pyrex/Compiler/Errors.py (LP: #379754)

13. By Evan Broder on 2009-05-04

* Merge from debian unstable (LP: #371991), remaining changes:
  - Pass --install-layout=deb to setup.py so it doesn't install in /usr/local

12. By Evan Broder on 2009-03-14

* Pass --install-layout=deb to setup.py so it doesn't install in /usr/local (LP: #342936)
* Rebuild for Python 2.6 (LP: #342937)

11. By Marc Dequènes (Duck) on 2008-08-29

* NMU because maintainer is MIA.
* New upstream release fixing an integer indexing optimisation problem
  ( and contain this fix only, so this is safe for
  Lenny release) (Closes: #483035).

10. By Paul Brossier on 2008-05-11

* New upstream release.
* remove dh_python from debian/rules, add XB-Python-Version
  (closes: #460253)
* remove auto-mode-alist from debian/pyrex-mode.el (ubuntu #73904)
* add provide to debian/pyrex-mode.el (ubuntu #73903)
* debian/control: added Homepage field
* debian/rules, debian/control: add dpatch
* debian/patches: add hash patch, thanks to Jakub Wilk (closes: #469735)
* debian/control: drop Suggests: python-numeric (closes: #478455)
* debian/python-pyrex.doc-base: switch to section Programming/Pyrex
* debian/control: added fields Vcs-Browser and Vcs-Hg
* debian/control: fix typo python -> Python

9. By Michael Vogt on 2008-03-18

add missing C/R/P: python2.4-pyrex for the dapper->hardy
python transition (LP: #203524)

8. By Matthias Klose on 2008-03-10

Rebuild with recent python-central.

7. By Paul Brossier on 2008-01-11

* New upstream release (closes:#406025)
* Move python-all-dev to Build-Depends since python gets called in
* Delete empty usr/lib from python-pyrex
* Delete blank lines from debian/python-pyrex.doc-base
* Remove empty binary-arch target
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3

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