Merge lp:~pskoli93/postorius/Fixes into lp:postorius

Proposed by Pavan Koli
Status: Rejected
Rejected by: Terri
Proposed branch: lp:~pskoli93/postorius/Fixes
Merge into: lp:postorius
Diff against target: 30 lines (+5/-5)
1 file modified
src/postorius/ (+5/-5)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~pskoli93/postorius/Fixes
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Terri Disapprove
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Description of the change

Messages like 'Please a domain name' are being displayed for leaving the Mail Host and Web Host field blank while adding a new domain. Now they are fixed and the messages 'Please enter a Mail Host' and 'Please enter a Web Host' are displayed if the fields are kept blank.

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Revision history for this message
Terri (terriko) wrote :

Good idea, but probably more work for our translators that isn't super necessary at this point. Thanks for submitting, and sorry this one didn't work out!

review: Disapprove

Unmerged revisions

221. By pkoli <email address hidden>

Better messages added

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1=== modified file 'src/postorius/'
2--- src/postorius/ 2015-02-09 14:35:44 +0000
3+++ src/postorius/ 2015-04-14 07:32:32 +0000
4@@ -30,13 +30,13 @@
5 """
6 mail_host = forms.CharField(
7 label=_('Mail Host'),
8- error_messages={'required': _('Please a domain name'),
9- 'invalid': _('Please enter a valid domain name.')},
10+ error_messages={'required': _('Please enter a Mail Host'),
11+ 'invalid': _('Please enter a valid Mail Host.')},
12 required=True)
13 web_host = forms.CharField(
14 label=_('Web Host'),
15- error_messages={'required': _('Please a domain name'),
16- 'invalid': _('Please enter a valid domain name.')},
17+ error_messages={'required': _('Please enter a Web Host'),
18+ 'invalid': _('Please enter a valid Web Host.')},
19 required=True)
20 description = forms.CharField(
21 label=_('Description'),
22@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
23 try:
24 validate_email('mail@' + mail_host)
25 except:
26- raise forms.ValidationError(_("Enter a valid Mail Host"))
27+ raise forms.ValidationError(_("Please enter a valid Mail Host"))
28 return mail_host
30 def clean_web_host(self):


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