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a8f5843... by Xav Paice

Add python-openstackclient to functests

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~xavpaice/charm-nrpe/+git/nrpe-charm/+merge/401585
Reviewed-by: James Troup <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Paul Goins <email address hidden>

1279042... by Drew Freiberger

Update to reference MemAvailable for -C flag for caches free for malloc (lp#1930307)

302eec2... by Paul Goins

Merge branch 'bug/1843335'

b04d408... by Drew Freiberger

Update unicode ellipses to ascii for charm version

594e4f7... by Xav Paice

Add python-openstackclient to functests

Since b46f13ef113e690493364dabc87821699626d8e6 in zaza, if running tests
on an OpenStack cloud provider, each bundle test concludes with a
cleanup routine that needs the python-openstackclient package in
requirements.txt for the tox environment, plus the OS_ environment vars
exported/passed through such that the Openstack client actually works.
If these are not set, the test fails on the first bundle cleanup and
does not continue to the remaining bundles.

6acb397... by Xav Paice

Merge branch 'bug/1924960'

e998123... by Xav Paice

Update check_netns.sh when id is included

On systems where net namespaces have an ID associated, the output of
ip netns list includes that information. This change updates the means
to collect the list of namespaces to just include the names.

bf80fa1... by Xav Paice

Update check_status_file.py for py3

The Nagios plugin check_status_file.py was not compatible with Python 3,
changed what is needed to allow this to run with Python v3.

d7f8626... by Linda Guo

Ignore docker backend path in ro filesystem check

Added docker backend path /var/lib/docker to
default ro_filesystem_excludes


016faeb... by Linda Guo

skip containerd overlay mounts

When a kubernetes pod has a readonly mount defined,
the mountpoint is alerted by nrpe check_ro_filesystem
mount, but is mounted as described by the deployment.

Ignore /run/containerd backend paths in
check_ro_filesystems by default